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I have had a passion for makeup since High School. I still remember the days when my friends would want to enter school extra early so we could sit in the classroom and I would do their makeup.

Over the years I became a makeup artist and was inspired to create my own makeup for my clients that I work with. What pushed me to start this makeup journey was being a stay at home mom with no income.

I wanted to do something I love while still being at home with my children.

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At Leyva Beauty, we value our customers' opinions and strive to improve our products based on their reviews

“I discovered Leyva Beauty via Tiktok. Jaynet was doing a live. I loved her energy and interaction! I wanted to buy her products immediately!”

Lindsey F.

“Loving the Leyva products.. I’m definitely a lashes girl now! I recommend”

Yuri Queen

“Jaynette CARES about her customers and customizes her orders to suit them. Just watch on Tiktok and you’ll see and feel the love!”

Natalie Wheeler.